Where exactly should a 75mm Speed Hump be used?

The Area Safe 75mm high heavy duty Rubber Speed Hump is an aggressive speed bump and not suitable for public car parks like shopping centres where lowered sports cars could get damaged, due to lack of clearance. Built tough with recycled materials, it is designed for heavy vehicle areas, truck docks and for 4WD areas like holiday parks.

The 75mm speed hump is highly visible at night with inbuilt reflectors and is very durable to meet the highest demands of frequent heavy vehicle traffic with full load bearing contact area on the road surface. Use of 75mm speed hump is the most effective method of slowing vehicles down to a safe speed, especially near high risk zones such as pedestrian crossings, intersections, building entries and doorways.

In addition to speed control, the 75mm speed hump is clean, quick and cost-effective solution for bunding or stormwater control.

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