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What are Skate Deterrents?

Area Safe Skateboard Deterrents are designed to deter skateboarders from grinding the edges of low walls, hand rails or seats, plus protect people from injury which in turn protects property owners from potential injury liability claims. Skate stoppers are carefully designed to look architecturally attractive so they can be incorporated into the streetscape or landscaping design.

Skate stops help encourage skate boarders to use the local skate park by eliminating the possibility of grinding walls or railsliding handrails in public places where these anti-skate fittings are installed.

Carefully machined and polished by Area Safe Products from marine grade 316 stainless steel or anodised aluminium (flat style) for long term good looks and long-term corrosion control. Available in a range of styles and profiles to suit mounting on retaining walls, garden edges, ledges, seats and benches. There is even a special polished SS hand-rail skate deterrent for the more confident skaters who are adept at rail sliding at heights. Each type of anti-skate device is easy to attach to a variety of surface materials and profiles.

With a recommended spacing of 500mm (the set-out can be varied according to the situation), skate deterrents have been proven time and again as a cost-effective solution to save money and hassle compared to repairing damaged property or processing personal injury claims.

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