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Recessed Rail vs Modular Pedestrian Rail

Have you ever wondered what safety barrier would be most suitable for your warehouse or industrial complex?  Sometimes too much choice means the decision is difficult to make!

Well today we hope to answer that question quickly and simply by comparing our 2 most popular warehouse barriers - The Surex “Recessed Rail” warehouse barrier and the Surex modular pedestrian rail.

When choosing a warehouse barrier, ensure to check whether the barrier is galvanized.  If it isn’t galvanized it may rust quickly, especially in outdoor applications and on warehouse floors that get washed down.  Both barriers here are made from galvanized steel, meaning that they are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Our “Recessed Rail” barrier has a unique method for fixing the rail to the posts.  This in turn gives the barrier extra performance and impact strength.  The posts and their base plates are very heavy duty too. 

With the high strength design and construction of this barrier, this is the barrier you would choose in high-risk environments.   

Some of our clients have chosen the “Recessed Rail” in applications such as pedestrian and forklift demarcation – especially when forklifts must drive close to the pedestrian walkway.  

Our clients have also used this barrier to protect expensive assets such as machinery.  Where forklifts or trucks move close to these expensive assets, this barrier will give you the extra protection required.

Another area this barrier is great for is protecting from falls over edges such as mezzanines and loading docks.  The recessed rail has an optional kick plate which is important in this type of situation to stop items rolling off the edges.

The modular pedestrian rail is a simple rail, post and cast fitting system.  It isn’t as strong as the “Recessed Rail” but is still very heavy duty and mostly used to prevent pedestrians wandering into the path of traffic, forklifts or other machinery.

This barrier is very popular for common low risk pedestrian walkways.  It’s a great barrier for warehouse pedestrian walkways that do not have high risk activities close by. 

Coupled with the pedestrian rail self-closing gate, this is an excellent way to keep staff, visitors, truck drivers and any other pedestrians to marked walkways and safe from vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

You can includeother safety fixtures with the modular pedestrian rail system to provide extra protection. 

Some clients have installed bollards on the risk side of the barrier.  Others have used our Surex floor angle which protects the barrier from getting damaged by pallets bumping into it and protects pedestrians from the possibility of forklift tines or other long, low objects protruding into the pedestrian walkway.

We hope this helps you to make an informed and safe decision on your warehouse safety barriers! 

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