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How can I Keep my Workers & Visitors Safe in a High Activity Area?

Did you know that in 2021, machinery operators and drivers suffered the highest number of fatalities (68), and the transport, postal & warehousing industry had the 2nd highest number of workplace fatalities in total.

Whilst these fatalities are caused by vehicle collision, being hit by moving objects, being trapped by moving machinery etc, in the main they are preventable! 

There are many precautions you can take to ensure the safety of your workers and site visitors, but one simple precaution every industrial facility should ensure they implement is the setup of exclusion zones. By creating exclusion zones in your warehouse (or any other hazardous areas in your facility), you are essentially creating visual awareness and, in some cases, physical protection for people from moving objects and dangerous machinery. Exclusion zones can be created through the use of items such as: 

  • Pedestrian Rail – whist this railing isn’t crash rated, it is a very popular product used as a visual delineation and to demarcate pedestrian pathways in busy warehouses. Self Closing Gates are often used in conjunction with this railing
  • Driver Safe Zones – these zones provide a safe place for drivers and visitors to sit while they are waiting. We offer a variety of kits to suit your needs
  • Safety Rail – Recessed Rail or W Beam Guard Rail provide effective protection from moving vehicles penetrating into pedestrian areas
  • Expanding Barriers – these Industrial Portable Barriers or High Guard Mobile Barriers are great if you would prefer something that is portable, and can be moved around your warehouse as desired.
  • Boom Gates & Swing Gates – these gates are used to clearly highlight pedestrian prohibition areas, but can obviously be lifted/swung for vehicles and machinery to pass through when needed. 

Play your part in preventing these tragic incidents & fatalities by taking safety seriously and implementing precautions in your warehouse such as establishing exclusion zones as outlined above. 

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