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What is a Driver Safe Zone? Does our Warehouse Need One?

Warehouses and industrial sites will see frequent traffic from large vehicles such as trucks that are travelling in and out of loading docks at an alarming rate. When workers are frantically trying to unload and load the trucks to be ready again for travel, the drivers are out of the truck taking a break or seaking to oversee the loading/unloading of their truck. So, have you put much thought into where the truck drivers can safely wait till their truck is ready? This is where the Driver Safe Zone comes in!

In Australia, the transport, postal and warehousing industries accounted for a third of fatalities in 2019. Throughout the period from 2015-2019, there were 183 worker fatalities in the road transport industry, which accounts for 20% of all worker fatalities over this period. The incidents occurred due to a variety of reasons, with some including vehicle collisions, being hit by moving or falling objects and being trapped between stationary and moving objects. These statistics highlight why there is a dire need for driver safe zones to be installed at all warehouse and industrial sites.

When the truck drivers are not in their truck, they are at risk of being hit by other trucks, forklifts, or other machinery during the loading and unloading process. So, to prevent injury, a driver safe zone must be incorporated into the loading/unloading procedures. A driver safe zone is formed by creating a safe barrier/zone for drivers to wait whilst their trucks are being attended to. This can be created by using one of our 3 kits, recessed rail kit, double rail u-bollard kit or modular pedestrian rail kit (depending on the level of protection that is required). In addition to the barrier, aluminium benches can be included in the safe zone for the drivers to sit and wait if the loading/unloading process is lengthy.

By incorporating a driver safe zone, it also allows the driver to remain out of the way for the loading and unloading to take place efficiently and smoothly without having to worry about the safety of external personal. It is important for companies to provide visiting delivery drivers a safe zone when they are waiting on your site. It is simply no longer acceptable to have a painted line or a small sign as a means of separation. So, to answer your question, if your facility protocols/operations require drivers to wait outside their vehicle at any point, then yes! You most definitely should consider implementing a Driver Safe Zone in order to see a decline in fatality numbers in this commercial sector! 

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