Does Your Industrial Facility Have the Correct Boom Gates Installed?

Creating a safe work environment means assessing the workplace and being able to identify areas where there is potential for hazardous situations to arise. Boom Gates are typically used in warehouse/industrial workplaces where mezzanines, loading docks, and mezzanine pallet receiving bays are present. This is because the presence of a mezzanne means that exposed edges become a potential hazard for workers in the area performing their duties. Boom gates are also commonly used to control the entry and exit points for industrial complexes.

As stated by Safe Work Australia, between 2008-2011 the transport, postal, and warehousing industry saw 12 fatalities that occurred from falling from a height. The manufacturing industry also was unfortunately not far behind with 11 fatalities.

Hazard identification is crucial to ensure these numbers are reduced, and all workplaces provide a safe environment for all personnel. In order for potential hazards to be controlled, the correct Boom Gates must be installed to provide the correct level of safety. If a high quality barrier/gate isn’t used it can contribute to serious safety incidents/injury.

It is important to take note of whether the boom gate is lockable. Ensuring the boom gate has locking abilities allows for extra protection and security, especially when the area beyond the boom gate doesn’t need to be accessed for long periods of time.

Does the chosen boom gate provide enough security? It is important to choose a boom gate at the correct length and durability to fit the intended area of use and so that it provides enough protection. Installing an incorrectly chosen boom gate causes safety issues as it isn’t fulfilling the job it was intended for.

The boom gate also needs to be easy to operate for all personnel in the workplace. If it is too heavy or difficult to use it can actually result in the opposite role it is intended for. Inability to operate the boom gate easily and safely can cause injury to the operator and contribute to inefficiencies of the work tasks.

The choice of a boom gate is also dependent on available funds and budget. It is important to note that safety should never be compromised in place of lower costs. Investing money into high quality safety products is never a loss, as it can be the difference in installing high quality products over installing weak, poorly made products. It is important that a heavy duty and durable boom gate is selected to suit the correct application.

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