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Plastic Speed Humps – Best of Both Worlds

Heavy Duty Plastic Speed Hump gives the best of both worlds as this product is ideal for both cars & trucks!

The flat ramped sides create an extra hard jolt as the tyres meet the speed hump, AS2890.1-2004 compliant. The fastener kits (purchased separately) are suitable for fixing to either bitumen (hot-mix asphalt) or concrete.

Made from environmentally friendly poly material (LLDPE) the used product is recyclable making this a very ‘green’ choice. This tough UV stabilised composite plastic - will not fade or break down in the sun.

Area Safe also supply a vast range of other Speed Humps in rubber and steel, Safety Rumble Strips, 900mm Rubber Speed Calmer, and Rubber Speed Cushion. Car parks and driveways should always include safety bollards such as bollards Sydney, removable bollards, parking bollards, steel bollards and shared zone bollards.

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