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Trauma Screen vs Trauma Tent Applications

Area Safe Products supply lightweight pop-up First Aid Trauma Screens and First Aid Trauma Tents, but what is the real difference between them? When should one be used over/against the other?

The basic differences between the two ‘grab & run’ quick response emergency products and their applications are as follows:

First Aid Trauma Tent-

  • Fixed pre-set dimensions 2100 x 2100 x 2000(H)mm.
  • Has a white roof that gives overhead privacy (light filters through).
  • Designed for deployment in areas where overhead privacy is also required such as in multi-level shopping plazas, street level incidents, sport stadiums, multi-storey schools and universities etc.

First Aid Trauma Screen / Privacy Screen-

  • Easily configured 4-panel screen with overall size of 7200 x 1800(H)mm.
  • Designed for use in car parks (for incidents between cars etc) and other tight spaces such as corridors where the trauma tent won’t fit.

The main image for this article is a media image from the 7/7/2005 London bombings.

Area Safe Products supply a range of emergency supplies including First Aid Banners (attach to Trauma Tents), Stainless Steel Privacy Screens, Examination Tables for first aid rooms, Life Saver Rings, Traditional Wheel Chairs, Evacuation Air Horns and Megaphones, Break Glass Hammers, CPR Poster, Back Belts, First Aid Kits, Eye Wash Units, Crowd Control Barriers, Floor Signs, Safety Signs.

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