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Project - Bravo Foods

Client  Bravo Foods

Location Prestons, NSW

Supplier Area Safe

Installer Supply

Date March 2024


About Bravo Foods

Bravo Foods, established in 2010, is an Australian-owned family business based in Sydney. Specialising in the wholesale supply of premium meats, Bravo Foods caters to restaurants, cafes, and various food service industries. They offer personalised service and fast delivery to meet the specific needs of their clients, which include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and aged care facilities.

The Requirement

To enhance the safety and efficiency of the warehouse environment and safeguard the warehouse structure from potential damage caused by vehicles and trolleys.

The Challenges

  • Compatibility: Ensuring the selected rails and bollards fit the warehouse's layout and traffic patterns, and can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure.
  • Durability: Choosing products that are robust enough to endure the wear and tear from frequent impacts by vehicles and trolleys, ensuring long-term functionality.
  • Compliance: Ensuring all products meet local safety regulations and industry standards to avoid legal issues and ensure a safe working environment. 
  • Installation: Planning for a smooth installation process that minimises disruption to ongoing warehouse operations and does not hinder productivity.

The Solution

After evaluating the challenges and requirements, Bravo Foods selected a few key products, including the Surex ‘Recessed Rail’ Warehouse Barrier, and the Surex Fixed Base Plate Bollard

The Surex ‘Recessed Rail’ Warehouse Barrier offers the following features:

  • Enhanced Durability: Fully galvanised system withstands weather and corrosive materials.
  • Superior Strength: Recessed rail design provides increased rigidity, leveraging the strength of heavy wall posts.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for simple, one-person installation, reducing labour costs and time.
  • Safety Features: Non-trip faceplates and optional handrails and kick plates enhance pedestrian safety and prevent objects from obstructing walkways.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for both indoor warehouse spaces and outdoor areas like car parks and loading docks, ensuring comprehensive safety coverage.

The Surex Fixed Base Plate Bollard offers the following features:

  • Enhanced Visibility: These bollards come with a 25mm red reflective strip for improved visibility, ensuring safety even in low-light conditions.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: The combination of galvanised pressure-fit caps and premium powder-coated finishes offers excellent corrosion protection, enhancing the bollards' longevity and aesthetics.
  • Robust Construction: Constructed from mild steel with a 5mm heavy wall and a continuous post design, these bollards provide strength, stability, and resistance to base plate warping.
  • Precision and Ease of Installation: Laser-cut base plates with consistent opening and fixing holes, along with the option of a 300mm diameter, 10mm thick base plate, make installation straightforward and precise.
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