Indoor Bins

Dispose of Rubbish in Style!

Every facility needs bins! Area Safe offers a wide range of indoor bins so you can keep your area clean and free of rubbish, ensuring a professional image is upheld and an appropriate level of cleanliness is maintained. Ranging from the Manhattan to the Domain, from the Cyclo to the Classic, you are sure to find a design that will suit your facility and its surroundings!

Not only does Area Safe offer many different styles and designs, but they offer different forms of customization as well! From different powdercoat colors to different type wood slats, from different sizes and capacities to signage to highlight specific purposes, Area Safe has it all!

Their sturdy framework, heavy duty liners, and durable coating contribute to the quality and long-lasting nature of these products. Their sleek, professional design is what makes them so suited to an indoor environment where they are able to subtly blend into any shopping center, airport, function center, club, or university and keep the area free from hazardous rubbish lying around!

Many of these bins are part of a series and therefore may have matching seats, benches or planters so make sure you check out the whole series so you can deck out your facility with matching styles!

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