Parks & Landscaping

The importance of urban parklands, National Parks, landscaped commercial hubs or residential community spaces are increasingly being recognised as contributing to better communities to live in. Living within aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes enhances our value of life, gives energy to our purpose, supports our well-being, quality of life, physical fitness and positive mental health. Landscaped environments that incorporate quality street furniture from trusted suppliers like Area Safe, provide the broader context within which we live our lives.

Councils, Landscapers and facilities maintenance contractors know the importance of having suppliers they can trust to support them, that keep their word, that deliver the right products, on time, at prices that are within budget. Area Safe Products is a valued stakeholder when it comes to street furniture and other landscape fixtures due to our quality range, large stocks and trusted support!

Celebrating over 15 years of supplying councils and landscapers because of our distinct Quality Advantage: “Quality Range – Trusted Support”. We guarantee:

  • Quality Customer Service & Product Support
  • Quality Products from a wide range
  • Quality Delivery Service
  • Quality Proactive Communication

Some popular products are below that landscapers and councils have been purchasing from Area Safe.

Our price guarantee to you