Powder Coating of Parking Bollards

Did you know that Area Safe Products manufactures bollards in Sydney to the most stringent quality standards?

From the time the bollards are hung on the mobile trolley they are not taken off until after the final finish is cured to a silky smooth gloss in the specialised oven.

After the heavy wall black steel section is hot-dip galvanised, the bollards and pre-heated to remove embodied gases from the galvanized surface. Then they receive a specialised chemical clean and chemical etch to ensure good adhesion for the powder coating process.

During powder coating, the electrostatic process applies electricallycharged powder particles through a field charge at about 10,000V to the earthed product. Powder is held to the product substrate by this electrostatic attraction until heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it as a consistent quality finish. This final curing temperature is slightly lower than the initial off-gassing temperature to avoid any further gas escaping which would cause surface defects in the powdercoated bollards.

Bollards Sydney are stocked in large quantities for prompt despatch Australia wide! Insist on Area Safe Bollards for superior quality and longevity!

Area Safe also supply Stainless Steel bollards, stencils, outdoor furniture and other safety fixtures such as traffic signs, safety mirrors, speed bumps and wheel stops as part of our vast range.

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