Risks, Hazards and Statistics of Car Park Safety

Is your car park as safe as it could be? Do you know of some aspects that need to be improved in your car park, but maybe haven’t done anything about them yet?

Along with minor car park bingles, pedestrians do get seriously injured from being hit by vehicles and there are fatalities. Driving in car parks is made difficult by congestion, tight turns, narrow lanes, wedged-together spaces, many pylons, steep or twisting ramps, low-light conditions, tightly packed parking spaces, a high concentration of vehicles, and pedestrians going to and from their cars. Not surprisingly – car parks are common sites for accidents.

Being extra cautious when driving in a car park may prevent your vehicle from being damaged, prevent you from being at fault in an accident with another vehicle, and reduce the risk of pedestrian injury. Low speed, 'off road' locations including car parks and driveways have been identified as high-risk sites for accidents involving small children. Safety Bollards from Area Safe Products are an essential small investment to separate vehicles and pedestrians plus protect high capital cost structures.

Work Safe Australia has identified that managing traffic in (shopping centre) car parks is essential to minimise the risk of serious accidents and injuries.

In Victoria between 2003 and 2008, VicRoads statistics show there were 530 pedestrian fatalities and injuries that occurred in Victorian car parks alone, representing an average of 88 pedestrians harmed each year. However, due to data limitations, these statistics are likely to be an underestimation. Bollards Melbourne from Area Safe are a high visibility fixture to help protect pedestrians in car parks.

Recently released data from the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) revealed how prevalent car park accidents are becoming in Australia. Of all motor insurance claims in 2013, a whopping 13 per cent were the result of car park damage and over half (53 per cent) of all stationary damage that happens to vehicles, occurs in car parks.” The RAA states that “You are bound by road rules in a car park the same as on the road so follow the speed limit, road signs and pedestrian markings.”

Area Safe Products strongly recommend well-positioned car park safety fixtures such as Wheel Stops, Speed Humps, Parking Bollards, Traffic Signs, Safety Signs, Rubber Wall Protectors, Dock Fenders, Guard Rails, Reflective Chain Cover Sleeves, Expansion Joint Covers, Impact Bollards, Height Bars, Convex Safety Mirrors, Trolley Bays and Line Marking Stencils.

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