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What Size Safety Mirror do I need?

Choosing the right size convex mirror is easy……if you consider the basic principles.

Convex Safety Mirrors show a larger image for a longer time than dome mirrors as the object moves closer or further away. This is due to the flatter curvature. This makes them very effective for vehicle areas such as car parks, driveways, tight or twisted ramps and blind corners.

What size mirror do I need? The ‘Easy Mirror Size Guide’ works on the total viewing distance being the combined measurement from you to the mirror and the mirror to the approaching vehicle or person on the opposite side. So if an approaching vehicle comes onto view within say 6-8m of the mirror when your vehicle is say 5-7m on the approach side, the total viewing distance is 11-15m so the minimum size convex mirror needed is 600mm.

As opposed to convex mirrors, Dome Mirrors are designed for internal narrow corridors for close up viewing at blind corners. They are excellent to warn of approaching pedestrians, trolleys, hospital beds etc. Area Safe also supplies safety bollards, parking bollards, safety signs, wheel stops, Height Restriction Bars and height warning signs, Trolley Bays (modular), ramps and spill kits.

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