Heavy Vehicle Recycled Rubber Speed Hump - 75mm


Humpex Heavy Vehicle Recycled Rubber Speed Humps are a high quality heavy duty speed calming system - also available in 50mm high style. Reflectors also make these speed humps really stand out.


  • Reflective elements highly visible.
  • Heavy duty recycled rubber.
  • Very durable to meet highest demands.
  • Ideal for frequent heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Non-slip surface moulded into each module.
  • Full load bearing contact area with road surface.
  • Highly shock absorbent rubber is both quiet & smooth in operation.
  • Rubber construction conforms to uneven surfaces.
  • Available for delivery Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Please Note: 75mm style DOES NOT have a cable channel.

Weight: 30kg/lm

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