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When would you use a 2m Concrete Wheel Stop?

Australian Standards AS2890.1-2004 restricts the dimensions of car wheel stops to 1650 ±50mm long and 90-100mm high. So when would you use a 2m concrete wheel stop instead of a standards compliant wheel stop?

2m Concrete Wheel Stops are designed for medium size commercial vehicles such as large vans, mini buses, small trucks and emergency vehicles that are too wide for a standard car wheel stop. NSW Ambulance stations have proved the benefit of installing these wheel stops for safe and quick parking of ambulances.

Pairs of 1m wheel stops in the same profile are available for larger plant and equipment that have a low clearance undercarriage down to 150mm high.

For information on correct positioning of wheel stops for front-to-kerb or rear-to-kerb parking, click on Area Safe news HERE.

Area Safe also supplies 2.5m Precast Concrete Wheel Stops for Trucks, Rubber Wheel Stops for trucks, rubber wheel stops for cars, plastic wheel stops, speed humps, safety mirrors and bollards as part of our extensive range.

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