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Wheel Stops FAQ – Rubber vs Concrete?

What type of wheel stopper should I buy for my car park? What are the main differences between them?

In a nutshell:

  • Rubber Wheel Stops are the good all-rounder – the most cost-effective but will break if placed in the open where they can be driven right over. Excellent for all general car parks.
  • Concrete Wheel Stops – excellent low-cost long-term product but very heavy to handle, attracting larger freight costs.

Area Safe wheel stops are specially shaped with bevelled edges at the correct angle to prevent them being pushed over. This angle rather helps the car wheels push the wheel stop downwards, making it stronger. Watch out for tall, vertical or railway track shapes that tip over easily.

Also watch out for weak blow moulded plastic wheel stops or products that fade quickly in Australia’s hot, high-UV climate. Even some rubber wheelstops on the market look the same as Area Safe Wheel Stops, but the yellow hi-vis chevrons fall off.

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