Parking Space Protectors

What is a Car Space Protector?

A car space protector or parking space protector is a unique bollard that is designed to control access and protect a designated parking bay from unsolicited car parking. A parking bay is a space in a car park designed to be large enough to park a vehicle in. A standard size parking bay is 5500mm long and 2500mm wide according to AS2890.1.

Area Safe Products Pty Ltd keep large stocks of quality car space protectors in a range of different styles for different situations. All can be easily installed by a DIY handyman following the Area Safe installation instructions provided (also available as a website download for login customers).

The remote-controlled space protector is for personal use so you can claim ‘That’s my spot!’ and although built tough, it is not designed for large open car parks where they can be easily damaged. The collapsible bollard (fold-down bollard) style can also prevent unwanted parking in driveways and private lanes as well as parking spots. The traditional A-frame style and ‘plate’ style space protector have a wider footprint to help prevent the more desperate drivers from parking between them, bridging 2 spaces!

Each client is to decide on the best location to install a parking space protector for their particular situation, but the recommended positioning is 1000mm – 2000mm from the roadway end of the parking space (the open end from which the car drives in) and centred in the width direction.

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