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Does Your Spill Kit Soak Up Water?

Did you know that Standard Oil & Fuel Spill Kits (yellow wheelie bin / bag with white absorbers) do not soak up water? They extract and absorb oil, fuel and other environmentally hazardous liquids, while letting water flow straight through the absorbing material. This is what you want for outdoor spills, especially in pouring rain!

Area Safe Products General Purpose Spill Kits (blue wheelie bins with grey absorbers) soak up all liquids including water. This 'all liquid' spill kit is ideal for absorbing water, coolants, solvents, degreasers, paint, oils, fuels including AdBlue, mild acids, bases and water based chemicals. This essential kit is great for that accidental discharge of water from fire sprinklers and other spills that happen without warning.

Is your kit ready to go?New spill kits and refill components are available from Area Safe Products.

Area Safe Products also supply products such as Bins, Cleaning Equipment, Wheel Chocks, Steel Bollards, Kerb Ramps (Curb Ramps) Speed Humps, Bike Racks and Wheel Stoppers.

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