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Kerb Ramps Provide Safe Access

Ramp up safe access at your facility or institution with lightweight portable ramps. The Area Safe pedestrian kerb ramp is designed with a hi-vis yellow anti-slip surface to provide safe access for wheelchairs, pedestrians, trolleys and prams over kerbs.

The portable kerb ramp is manufactured in 2 sizes – large (wide) and small (narrow) with reinforced HDPE, safe raised sides and an anti-slip surface. The profile is shaped so that multiple ramps can nest together for compact storage or transport and incorporate recessed fixing points for bolting down if required.

Made from 100% recyclable materials, the portable kerb ramp adapts to various kerb heights to suit every situation.

Area Safe Products also manufactures rubber access ramps, vehicle kerb ramps, rubber channel hose ramps, rolled edge kerb ramps and custom made ramps.

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