Tactile Studs- Poly


The Poly studs resistant and long lasting nature is suited to heavy traffic areas and is designed for installation in sensitive areas, or where polished timber, granite or marble are applied.

Manufactured to survive extreme point loading and side impact, the development of the large anchoring spigot guarantees maximum strength, thus ensuring an increased lifetime whilst protecting the surrounding areas from potential harm.

Standard Ex Stock Colours: Black, Grey, Yellow.

Other styles and colours include Ivory, Ocean Blue & Terracotta are available with short lead times - sold in packs of 100.

Other features include:

  • R11 anti -slip rating
  • Developed from a mix of polymers to guarantee long lasting UV stable performance
  • Patent DIY Drill and Lock Technology, thus no adhesive required
  • Simple interlocking template installation
  • Meets all aspects of the Australian and NZ standards 1428.4.1:2009
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