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Project - Northern Beaches Hospital

Client Northern Beaches Hospital

Location 105 Frenches Forest RD W, Frenches Forest NSW

Supplier Area Safe Products

Installer Ventia Pty Ltd

Date December 2018


About Northern Beaches Hospital

The Northern Beaches Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility with a 24/7 emergency department that is dedicated to the care of the people and families of the Northern Beaches community. The team of surgeons, specialist doctors, nurses and other professionals’ pride themselves in ensuring each and every patient has a holistic healthcare experience with their best possible service. As they are the leading hospital within the region, they have the facilities, equipment and knowledge to perform a range of surgeries, and provide intensive care, cardiac, neurosurgery, birthing, paediatrics, mental health, and cancer support.

Although hospital visits may be unsettling for some, the staff at the hospital ensure they make their patients and visitors feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole duration of their stay. The hospital offers 14 operating theatres, a 50-space emergency department, 486 beds, and critical care services, with room to continue expansion plans in the future! The hospital understands the importance of patients and visitors having direct access to the hospital, making this happen through both their 1,400 car spaces and public transport links, all the while safety remaining a primary priority. That is where Area Safe was able to step in and assist with their safety plan and provide bollards to not only ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles but also contribute to the aesthetics of the hospital entrance.

What the client said

“The team at Area Safe is extremely helpful, they respond very quickly, and delivery is always fast too!”

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