Manual Swing Gate - Aluminium


Manually operated swing gate has a heavy duty galvanised steel hinge assembly and light duty aluminium gate rail. Great for pedestrian and vehicle control, the recommended height is 800-1000mm above the ground for the best visual barrier. The sectional dimension of the hollow rail is 125x16mm, supplied in 3 standard lengths which can be easily cut shorter on site if required. The gate swing arc is 270 degrees for maximum clearance and versatility. This means that if mounted at the external corner of a building, the gate can swing back against both adjacent walls. The galvanised steel support assembly can be post, bollard or wall mounted. Individual Gate Receiver latch plates are supplied separately for holding the gate closed or open.

  • Padlock not supplied.
  • Some assembly required on site.

Please Note: Bollard as pictured is not included in manual swing gate set. In-ground or surface mounted bollards are also available for purchase from Area Safe Products if required.

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