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When do I re-coat my timber?

Have you purchased any of our Astra Street Furniture pieces with merbau hardwood slats and wondering when you will need to re-coat them?

We can go through when and how this needs to be done in a few simple steps!

It is an easy and simple process to protecting and refurbishing your merbau slats. We recommend you re-coat your merbau slats every 3-6 months. This will ensure prolonged protection from moisture and reduce cupping, warping and splitting of the timber. All your merbau slatted Astra furniture is given 2 coats of Cutek CD50 before it leaves our factory, so we have given you a head start!

Now, how exactly do you re-coat your timber? Follow these easy steps! (or download a copy of our furniture care & maintenance guide here)

  1. Brush down your furniture item to make sure it is free of any dust or other unwanted scraps or waste.
  2. With a 100% cotton cloth and using the same Cutek CD50 oil, lightly damp the cloth with the oil.
  3. Then simply wipe the oil into the hardwood, following the grain of the timber.

Have you seen our step-by-step video where we demonstrate how to oil our merbau timber slats? Watch it below, now!

And would you look at that, your Astra Street Furniture piece with merbau slats is looking as good as new! It is important to note that the furniture shouldn’t be used for about 48-72 hours after oiling.

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