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Do Peel & Stick Tactile Pads actually work?

Contrary to common belief, peel and stick tactile pads with a thick bituminous adhesive base are extremely effective! We’ve actually even had old customers come to us to ask if we have any ideas on how to remove the pads, because they simply could not lift them off the ground! 

Obviously, you must ensure you have cleaned the surface very well before applying the tactile pad, but to answer your question, yes! Quality peel & stick tactiles work just as effectively as the screw down types and the epoxied down types!  

Please note that for new concrete and bitumen surfaces, it is safest to wait the full 28 days before installing your tactiles to ensure the surface has fully cured. If the install must take place sooner than that, ensure that you install no sooner than 14 days after the surface has been poured. 

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