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Why umbrella bag dispensers are essential at your facility

Wet floors caused by water dripping off wet umbrellas is a foreseeable and preventable hazard which has the potential for serious injury and expensive liability claims. The placement of a Wet Umbrella Bag Dispenser at every entrance door is a simple and convenient way to help prevent dripping umbrellas from making floors wet, mouldy and slippery.

Did you know that slips and falls are responsible for about 20% of all workplace injuries in Australia and are globally the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death after traffic accidents? Slips are often caused by dripping umbrellas carried by people that have just come inside out of the rain. While entrance matting helps to dry the soles of shoes, wet umbrellas can be carried far beyond the entrance lobby leaving a trail of drips that makes hard floors and stairs very slippery thus creating the potential risk of slips and falls.

According to a compensation lawyer website, ‘In order to sue a person or entity for damage arising from a trip, slip and fall, it must be shown that the risk of someone slipping, tripping or falling was foreseeable and that it would have been reasonable for the person responsible for the area where the fall occurred to take action to prevent the risk’ (Slater Gordon).

How They Work...

  • Place wet umbrella wrapper at the entrance way.
  • Pop umbrella into a bag.
  • Pull wrapped umbrella towards you through the slot to release bag.
  • Bag clings to wet umbrella.
  • Keep walking - with no drips!
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