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Best situations for a Coat Hanger Bike Rack

Coat Hanger Bike Racks continue to be highly popular for bike parking. Their flowing one-piece frame design offers high security and maintains highest safety levels without any sharp corners to cause injury to pedestrians or damage to expensive bikes. Meets the requirements for Class 2 or 3 security level as per AS2890.3.

There are 3 sizes for this bike rack to help fit the floor space available and to suit the number of bikes that need parking. The ‘Large’ size holds up to 10 bikes (8 between the rails and 1 on each end); ‘Medium’ size holds up to 7 bikes (5 between the rails and 1 on each end) and ‘Small’ holds up to 5 bikes (3 between the rails and 1 on each end). All sizes are stocked in both hot-dipped galvanised finish and stainless steel finishes.

Coat hanger Bike Racks are ideal for all public spaces including railway stations, airports, universities, TAFE Colleges, city corners, shopping centres, industrial complexes, apartment streetscapes and many other applications. The compact spacing of the support rails allows maximum capacity if bikes are parked front-in and reversed-in alternately into every bay.

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