Potholes are a trip hazard - easily fixed with PatchMaster!

Did you know that potholes and cracks can cause trips and falls and potentially trigger expensive and time consuming public liability claims? According to Safe WorkAustralia, slips, trips and falls have accounted for a huge 23% of all serious injury claims and were responsible for 386 worker deaths in the 12 years between 2003-2015.

Potholes are not just an ‘uncomfortable inconvenience’ when driving your car – they are a real hazard and risk to public safety.

PatchMaster is the answer to your surface repairs. Make sure you order it today to keep some on hand!

PatchMaster 20kg Fast Pothole Filler is a fine grain premium quality cold mix – not your average hardware store product. It compacts better and will outlast any similar product.

  • Cures on compaction – immediately trafficable.
  • 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture.

And remember safety first - always cordon off work areas with appropriate barriers or trafficcones from Area Safe before commencing repair work.

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