Vehicle Braking Rates – Why are speed humps effective?

Vehicles take time to stop and the slower they go, the quicker they can stop. Remember the billboards near school zones a few years back ‘HARD METAL, SOFT HEAD’? Speed humps are an effective method of slowing traffic because they physically force vehicles to slow down, thereby creating safer vehicle areas by helping vehicles to stop more quickly.

According to the Queensland Government website, ‘The simple truth about speeding is: the faster you go, the longer it takes to stop and, if you crash, the harder the impact. Even small increases in speed could have severe consequences. If a pedestrian steps out into the path of an oncoming vehicle which is speeding the difference could be a matter of life or death’.

The total stopping distance of a vehicle is the ‘reaction distance’ plus the ‘braking distance’. Statistics show that at 60km/h on a dry road the stopping distance is 45m, and by comparison at 40km/h the stopping distance is reduced to 26m. AT A CAR PARK SPEED OF 10KM/H THE STOPPING DISTANCE IS ONLY 3M (less than a car length) according to the website .

The highest risk areas should always have Area Safe speed humps installed. These danger zones include pedestrian crossings, footpath cross-overs, blind corners, ramps, long driveways, shared zones, entry areas etc.

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