Project - McDonalds, Cranebrook

Client McDonalds, Cranebrook

Location 1-21 Cranebrook Road, Cranebrook NSW

Supplier Area Safe Products Pty Ltd

Installer Supply Only

Date April 2020


About X-Roads McDonalds

The newly developed Cranebrook X-Roads complex is located at 1-21 Cranebrook Road, Cranebrook NSW. It is made up of a Shell Service Station and McDonalds fast food restaurant, making it the perfect break stop during a long trip or simply a place to grab some local necessities such as milk, bread and healthy prepared meals.

The McDonalds located at Cranebrook is part of the 1000+ McDonald’s restaurants that are located throughout Australia. They pride themselves in serving some of the world’s favourite fast food options, such as their famous fries, Big Mac and Quarter Pounder burgers, chicken McNuggets and breakfast McMuffins. McDonalds have a current workforce of over 100,000 employees across their 990 restaurants and continue to provide additional jobs for those in the local area, seen through the recent development of McDonalds Cranebrook. They are proud to offer McDelivery to those in the local Cranebrook area, providing an additional meal option to those users on DoorDash. It is the perfect location for much loved McDonalds birthday parties and also offers a convenient and fast moving drive-thru service for those on the move.

What the client said

“The carpark products were very easy to organise with Area Safe, especially since everything was in stock! Everything was as described and was easy to install.”

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