Cats Eyes – Where To Put The Colours

Cat’s Eyes are retro-reflective Raised Pavement Markers and are designed to mark the edges of roads, lanes and tarmacs for the interests of safety, so drivers can see the edges of the plain grey roadway day or night and in wet, dry or foggy conditions. Cat’s Eye road studs reflect back to the motorist at night and also provide tactile and audible feedback when driven over. The different colours indicate the left and right side of lanes plus the correct direction of travel.

These delineators come in four standard colours – white, yellow, red and blue:

  1. White – these are used on dotted intermediate lane lines.
  2. Yellow – these are used on the dividing lines that separate opposing directions of traffic.
  3. Red – these are used for left hand edge lines.
  4. Blue – these are only used to mark the position of fire hydrants or access to municipal water supply.

Raised Pavement Markers are usually installed with Megapoxy onto bitumen or concrete surfaces.

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