Can I avoid the cost of scanning my concrete slab?

Do you have to scan your car park slab just to install some safety fixtures?

Are you wanting to install concrete wheel stops or speed humps but have been told you have to spend thousands on getting the slabs scanned before you bolt into them?

Area Safe has experience with this situation and understands how critical it is not to drill blindly into post-tensioned slabs as this may interfere with critical engineering elements and cause a catastrophe.

Generally a very shallow penetration into these slabs is acceptable but is not sufficient to securely anchor car park safety fixtures such as wheel stoppers, parking space protectors and speed bumps. Area Safe has developed a solution including different product styles and specialised adhesives to overcome this issue and save you months of delays and thousands of dollars!

This advice may not apply to every situation and is based on practical industry experience. The information provided is not to be considered as binding or legal advice.

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