Strata & Accommodation

When you think of a strata manager, you tend to have a stereotypical idea that they have a cushy laid-back job where they have all the time in the world and occasionally arrange a tradesman here or there. No, it is a lot more than this: Their time is filled with -

  • Administration of meetings – committee meetings, annual general meeting, other general meetings.
  • Communication and mediation between residents, neighbours and the committee.
  • First point of contact for any complaints or disputes to be resolved.
  • Financial health, legislation, insurance and taxation matters – keeping their finger on the pulse.
  • Safety and Building Compliance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Obtain quotes and comparisons for committee review
  • Looking to the future – resource of information and records to enable the committee to make good decisions.

Area Safe has been supporting strata managers Australia-wide since 2003 with everything they need for safety, compliance and common space furniture. Strata Managers look for suppliers who: 1. Always have stock on hand – they need items urgently! 2. Have expert customer support staff that help with practical advice on all products, 3. Have high quality products – nothing worse for a maintenance contractor to install a product that fails within a short period of time.

Through our promise of ‘Quality Range – Trusted Support’ we guarantee to cover these important requirements. In summary, we promise to all strata managers:

  • Quality Customer Service & Product Support
  • Quality Products from a wide range
  • Quality Delivery Service
  • Quality Proactive Communication

Our price guarantee to you