Building & Construction

Since 2003 Area Safe Products has been helping builders complete their projects on time and on budget. The carpark of a new construction project is often one of the last packages to be completed. Nothing is more frustrating to a site manager, project manager or contracts administrator when they are trying to complete a project to a set schedule and to have a supplier or contractor fail to deliver on promises and due dates! Area Safe Products continues to set the standard of high quality service and fast delivery!

Area Safe Products provides the highest level of service, through our Quality Advantage - “Quality Range – Trusted Support” - we guarantee:

  • Quality Customer Service & Product Support
  • Quality Products from a wide range
  • Quality Delivery Service
  • Quality Proactive Communication

Here at Area Safe we provide the complete package of basement carpark fitout products. Products that construction companies have been purchasing off Area Safe for over 15 years can be viewed below!

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