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How To Come Out On Top With Recycling – Menai Marketplace

Client: Menai Marketplace, Sydney NSW

Products Supplied: Pre-2011 & ongoing

Did you know that it is possible to make a real difference with recycling even in a difficult public environment such as a shopping centre where it is hard to achieve public ‘buy-in’? According to the Inside waste, Menai Marketplace centre management teamed up with the support of retailers and customers to ‘take a stance on reducing waste, reach some key sustainability milestones and achieve some big wins in its own war on waste’. They succeeded in almost doubling the amount of waste they recycle from 20% in July 2017 to 36.8% in July 2018.

Area Safe Products supply a range of recycling bins and rubbish bins for many community domains including shopping centres. Menai Marketplace in Sydney’s southern bushland fringe has installed many of our Jamison Plus bins over years and they are still performing well.

Street Furniture Products Showcased:

· Black Jamison Plus tubular steel rubbish bins

· Black Kensington tubular steel outdoor seats

· Multi-Bike Stations

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