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What Capacity Is Required for a Bund?

How is the capacity of a spill bund calculated? How do I work out the height (depth) of a bund for my requirements?

There is a simple formula for calculating the volume capacity and height that a spill control bund needs to be:“The capacity of a bund must be at least 110% of the volume of the largest container in storage.”

  1. Identify the volume of the largest container to be stored within the bund. E.g. 207L (44 Gallon) drum etc.
  2. Add 10% to this volume of the largest container, e.g. 207L + 10% = 228L.
  3. Measure the length x width in cm of the area where the bund is to be located. E.g. 200cm x 300cm = 60,000cm2.
  4. There are 1000 cubic cm in 1 litre. So for 228L, the CC’s are 228,000. Divide this volume by the area (60,000cm2) to get the minimum height of the bund which is 3.8cm.
  5. This means that for a bund 2m x 3m used to store a largest container of 207L, a suitable bunding product to use would be the Area Safe Extruded Rubber Hump Bund which is 4cm high x 5m long.

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