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A New Slant on Winter Blues!

Make the winter blues work for you! At Area Safe Products, we have many blue products to make your facilities safe in winter (and any other time of year)!

Did you know that Area Safe supplies the following blue products among many others?

  1. Blue colour-coded Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops to highlight disabled parking spaces.
  2. Blue & white ‘Disabled Parking Only’ signs to prevent general parking in disability parking spaces.
  3. Blue & white Braille Door Signs that are manufactured correctly to meet BCA and Australian Standards AS1428.
  4. Blue General Purpose Spill Kits that absorb all liquid contaminant spills and also absorb water. Standard spill kits do not soak up water, they only remove oils and fuels.
  5. Blue Corrosives Storage Cabinets in a complete range of sizes from 30L up to 350L capacity. Made to comply with AS3780 for safe storage of corrosive substances such as pool chlorine, acids and bases/alkalis, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid etc.
  6. Blue Deluxe Portable Emergency Eyewash Station that is an essential grab & run kit with hard case and convenient wall bracket.
  7. Blue Multi-Purpose Hand Trucks and Refrigerator Hand Trucks with built-in ratchet strap for moving cartons and bulky items on flat floors or stairs.
  8. Blue Mop Heads and Blue Mop Buckets for colour coded general cleaning.
  9. Blue PVC Aprons and Polyguard Coveralls are flexible, lightweight and tough to protect your clothing.
  10. Blue and white Premium Barrier Tape – barrier tape is essential for every facility to cordon off ‘no-go’ areas in temporary situations.

Make sure you beat your Winter Blues by contacting one of our friendly sales team today!

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