Steel Speed Hump - Light Vehicles


Humpex steel speed hump modules and end caps are made with the same tough construction as the heavy duty option but with thinner 3mm chequer plate and load bearing bridges with cable access. The wide side flange fixing points makes this a very stable and strong speed hump to slow all vehicles to a safe and manageable speed.


  • Designed to comply with AS2890.1-2004 (Black/Yellow - Plain Yellow is non-compliant)
  • Tough 3mm steel top plate with welded bridge construction
  • 6 x fixing points in every metre module for extra stability
  • Independent modules for easy fixing
  • Cable access for running cables or pipe under speed hump: 30mm(H) x 65mm(W)
  • Available for delivery Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Module size: 1000(L) x 450(W) x 60(H)mm

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