Advantages of Removable Bollards

Why use removable bollards over against fixed steel bollards?

One of the main purposes of safety bollards is to separate vehicles from pedestrians. The advantages of these bollards being removable include the following:

  • Areas and pathways needing temporary access for vehicles.
  • Driveways where a gate is not convenient for preventing vehicle access.
  • Multi-use spaces with a variety of day to day or seasonal applications.
  • Cordoning off overflow parking areas.
  • Extra security for industrial roller shutters and classic car storage.
  • Access to areas normally protected from hostile vehicles and terrorism. Read more on the government website about Australian National Security.

Fold-down bollards definitely have their place, but unlike these collapsible bollards which can potentially be driven on and damaged in a high traffic area, in-ground removable bollards leave the driveway completely clear when out of position. The ground socket sleeve has a flush cover plate and doesn’t present a tripping hazard when the bollard is out of position. Bollard storage sleeves are available to hold or lock the bollard out of the way when not in use.

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