Area Safe designs unique products!

Did you know that many Area Safe products are distinctly unique? Area Safe Products Pty Ltd is a family owned Australian company who analyse, design and manufacture a large range of quality products for fast dispatch Australia wide. Some of these great products boast the following unique features –

Round 4-Sided Spencer Picnic Setting

o Circular profile suits group activities very well.

o No horizontal ground rails eliminate tripping hazards.

o Optional wheelchair access module.

Aluminium Wall Mounted bench/Table -

o Wall mounted ‘half’ picnic setting.

o Lengths are 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m & 6m.

o Fills the gaps for canteens, breakout spaces, outdoor learning, courtyards etc.

Aluminium Bolt-On Backrests

o Quick attachment to picnic settings and existing benches.

Modular Wheelie Bin post lock -

o Trouble-free locking system.

o Designed for wall or post mounting.

o 1 post can secure a cluster of 1-4 wheelie bins.

Scooter Racks

o Double sided or single sided.

o Height adjustable cross-bar.

o Each scooter can be locked individually.

o Proven to help kids develop responsibility and feel good about parking their scooters in a neat and tidy fashion.

Buffalo Bike Rack

o Over-bonnet wall mounting – utilises dead wall space.

o Supports the bike horizontally and parallel to the wall by the top frame or an adaptor bar.

o Foam padding supplied for top rails prevents scratching the bike frame.

o Loop frame meets AS2890.3 Class 2 or 3 security (bike lock friendly). Also can be used for storing other sport accessories behind the bikes.

o Base rack bars help hang small items such as gloves, helmets etc.

o Safe rounded corners.

Steel Speed Hump – for Light Vehicles & Heavy Vehicles

o Extra wide footprint means the fasteners are located outside the point of impact or turning moment where the tyres meet the speed hump. This makes the speed hump more stable and helps prevent the fasteners coming loose prematurely (steel speed humps also need to be installed perfectly flat to prevent lever action from lifting the fasteners).

Concrete Truck Wheel Stops

o Purpose made in 3 sizes to suit all heavy vehicles:

§ 2500(L) x 200(H)mm (230kg)

§ 2000(L) x 145(H)mm (110kg)

§ 1000(L) x 145(H)mm (55kg, 2 required)

Expansion Joint Covers

o Strong 5mm thick steel plate

o Includes rubber underlay to reduce noise when driven over.

o Slotted fixing points provide for up to 40mm slab movement (slot length 50mm).

o Available with smooth or checker plate surface.

o Checker plate style has smooth edges around the slots for uninhibited movement.

Heavy Duty Pivoted Base Plate Bollard

o Can be locked with padlock or left unlocked.

o Does not fall over when no padlock is used.

o Lift and tilt design prevents the bollard from accidentally falling over.

Manual Swing Gate

o Unique modular design with easy adjustment.

o 270 degrees swing allows corner mounted gate to swing back flat against building.

o Can be firmly mounted onto walls, posts or bollards.

o The gate support rail can be easily lengthened or shortened by simply turning it clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the gate up or down as needed.

Handrail Skate Deterrents

o Part of our unique range of skate deterrents.

o Specially designed with V-shape underside to suit any size of flat and round hand rails.

o Smooth rounded ends help prevent injury to sight impaired persons.

o 316 marine grade stainless steel.

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