This is Why Pedestrian Safety Railing is SO IMPORTANT! – Are you covered?

According to Safe Work Australia, there have been over 70 workplace related deaths within the past 12 months, with 22 being in the transport, postal and warehousing industries and 14 in construction industries. That is 63 deaths too many!

It has also been determined by Safe Work Australia, that the transport, postal and warehousing industry has seen the most fatalities and injuries occur in recent years, making up for almost a third of fatalities in 2019. These fatalities include work-related injury from forklift collisions, falls from heights, being hit by falling objects, being hit by moving objects, being trapped between stationary and moving objects, and other mechanisms. This is why it is crucial that it is visually clear that that the appropriate safety measures are in place to protect those that work and move around your facility.

To avoid such injuries and fatalities occurring in the transport, postal and warehousing industry it is important the correct railing and barriers have been installed to clearly mark out where pedestrians have access and where forklifts are forbidden. A heavy-duty modular handrail system is a very simple and fast way to create permanent walkways and exclusion zones. They are commonly used in factories to separate forklift traffic areas and pedestrian walkways to avoid warehouse and workplace accidents from occurring.

The correct safety measures don’t just ensure the safety of the workers and users within your facility, but also reduces the expensive costs that are associated with injuries in workplaces for the company itself. Safe Work Australia has analysed and found that in 2012-2013 the total cost to employers due to workplace injuries in Australia was a whopping $1.6 Billion! With the cost effective solution of pedestrian safety railings, these costs can certainly see a reduction.

There are also a wide range of fittings and accessories sold separately to suit all types of situations and configurations to suit all factory, warehouse and transportation site layouts. A successful project that utilised Area Safe’s Pedestrian Safety Railing was the Hobson Engineering Project. As any workplace should, their first priority was to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and workings within the warehouse.

There are two options of the railing kits being supplied in a plain galvanised finish or a powder coated safety yellow finish to create additional visual awareness. View the range of Pedestrian Safety Railing and ensure your facility is equipped with the correct measures to eliminate accidents and injuries in your workplace!

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