The Do’s and Dont's of Remote Control Parking Space Protectors

A car space protector or parking space protector is designed to control access and protect your parking bay from unsolicited car parking. A parking bay is a line marked space in a car park for parking a vehicle in.

The remote-controlled space protector is for personal use and, although built tough it is not designed for large open car parks where they can be easily damaged by vehicles. It is ideally installed where the parking spaces are against a wall, kerb or other situation where cars cannot drive through.

The recommended positioning is 1000-1500mm from the open end of the parking space and centred in the width direction. The battery will indicate when it needs charging by sounding a beep noise and flashing a red indicator light. Simply use the key to open the cover and remove the battery to connect it to the 240V charger supplied with the product.

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