School Speed Hump Project

Project: Brindabella Christian College, ACT (Lyneham & Charnwood Campuses)

Construction: 2017 (ongoing)

Products Showcased:

  • Heavy Vehicle 75mm Rubber Speed Bumps (near crossings)
  • Heavy Duty 50mm Rubber Speed Humps (general driveways)
  • Pedestrian Refuge Barriers (used to help prevent students walking straight out onto the crossing beyond the gate)
  • Custom black steel bollards (to separate driveway from adjacent grounds)
  • T-Top Bollards – for safe temporary demarcation
  • Signage – car park signs (warn vehicles of children, shared zone & speed humps)
  • Signage – Custom signs (information at gateways and special safety signs for autism)
  • Rubbish Bins - stainless steel internal bins in 54L and 29L.
  • Cable covers (to prevent trip hazards associated with electric leads).

Brindabella Christian School is a real life example of a growing school which has faced the challenge of keeping costs down and at the same time adequately provide what is needed for car park safety.Their car park has a full loop road around the perimeter of car parking where parents can drive through to drop students off at the gate. This is typical of a high-risk shared zone where vehicles and pedestrians have to mix safely. Area Safe Products provided the school speed humps and everything else that was needed to make the kiss and ride zones as safe as possible.

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