Parramatta Eels Fans & Patrons Safe Through Innovative Flexible Bollards

Client: Parramatta Eels Leagues Club

Products Supplied: Heavy Duty Plastic Impact Bollards

Location: Parramatta, Sydney, NSW

There is a lot of exciting development at the Parramatta Eels Leagues club at the moment. Along with the new Western Sydney Stadium (opening 2019), the Parramatta Eels have recently opened a new multi-story carpark, with 760 new parking spaces!

As with all carparks, particularly public carparks, the safety and protection of both pedestrians and vehicles is paramount. To help with the direction of vehicle and pedestrian movements, Area Safe were asked to supply our Heavy-Duty Plastic Impact Bollards. These have been well received and working well for the application.

With Sydney, particularly Western Sydney, exploding with new projects and increased population, there is a continuous need for extra protection and safety for all. Area Safe help many clubs and entertainment facilities with items like these bollards. Other items include pedestrian barriers, signage, belt barriers, steel bollards and street furniture.

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