Bike Storage Options

What bike rack will suit my property? Every facility has a different space available for bike racks, so what are the functional differences between bike storage racks?

Area Safe bike racks come in a broad range of different types to suit different applications. A brief summary of different bike parking racks and their function is as below:

Multi Bike Station

5 Bike Rack

  • Most supportive of the wheel hitching bike storage racks.
  • Firmly holds the wheel with the base rail.
  • Can be positioned free standing or attached against a wall.
  • Cyclist’s own lock can secure the bike frame and wheel.

Low Profile Bike Racks

Micro Bike Rack

  • Single low profile wheel hitch.
  • Doesn’t support the bike frame.
  • For short term bike storage in small spaces e.g. shopfronts and kiosks.

Floor Mounted HangingBike Rack

Wall Mounted Hanging Bike Rack

Single Wall Mounted Bike Rack

  • Individual bike wall hanger.
  • Mount in straight or staggered layouts to suit the ceiling height or bike parking capacity required.
  • Stores one bike vertically by the wheel rim.
  • Supports the bike frame to meet Class 2 or 3 security level as per AS2890.3.

Buffalo Bike Rack

  • This wall mounted bike rack supports 1 or 2 bikes horizontally and parallel to the wall by the top bike frame (or an adaptor bar for shaped bike frames).
  • Designed to utilise over-bonnet storage space.
  • The bike rack of choice for many apartment car parks and multi-unit residential complexes.
  • Durable foam padding protects the bike from scratching.
  • Meets Class 2 or 3 security level for AS2890.3.

Single Rail Bike Racks (Single Hitch, Single Arch, Single Hoop)

  • Simple and architectural.
  • Secures 1 or 2 bikes.
  • Versatile positioning.
  • Supports bike frame to meet AS2890.3 security.

Coat Hanger Style Compact Bike Racks

  • Compact multi-bike parking.
  • Accessible from one side or both sides.
  • Handlebar clearance is achieved by alternating the direction that the bikes face.
  • Overhead support bars gently secure the frame to meet AS2890.3 security.

Compact P4 Bike Rack

  • Compact and efficient multi-bike parking.
  • Can be set up on site for one sided, double sided, straight or angled parking.
  • Provides excellent bike frame support for Class 2 or 3 security as per AS2890.3.

Scooter Racks

  • Single or double sided scooter parking.
  • For bolting down onto hard surfaces.
  • Provides tidy scooter rack parking at schools and shopping centres.
  • Multiple scooters can be individually locked to the rack if required.

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