What Fire Door Signage do I need?

Confused about signage requirements for fire egress doors?

There is a whole range of Fire Door Signage available from Area Safe Products, but to help avoid liability, it is always in your best interests for the building certifier to give you professional advice for what you need. The following points are typical examples of what may be required for your building. This advice may not apply to every situation and is based on practical industry experience. The information provided is not to be considered as exhaustive, binding or legal advice outside of what you may obtain through professional consultancy.

1. Fire doors leading into a fire stair from inside the building require signage as follows:

a. ‘Fire Safety Door, Do Not Obstruct, Do Not Keep Open’ – on approach side of door only (All states of Australia).

b. In NSW, an ‘Offences Relating to Fire Exits’ sign is also required on approach side, normally placed adjacent to (but not within) the doorway.

2. Fire doors leading to outside the building require compliant fire door signage as follows:

a. ‘Fire Safety Door, Do Not Obstruct’ – on both sides of egress door (All states of Australia).

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