Wheelie Bin Surrounds

Professional, Clean and Aesthetically Pleasing!

Stop the birds from getting in that wheelie bin with the lid flung open! Wheelie bin surrounds have a more enclosed top, or even covered tops, to limit the exposure of rubbish to birds and therefore keep the area cleaner and free of rubbish hazards. Having a neat, clean area makes for a professional image of your premises and encourages others to dispose of rubbish properly as well.

The Athens Bin Enclosure can be used both outdoors and indoors and is perfect for use in so many facilities. Be it a school, club, airport, shopping centre, park, aged care facility, or any other hub of activity, these bin enclosures will transform a standard plastic wheelie bin into something so much more! There are so many options for variation with this Athens Bin Enclosure. Firstly, the surround can have either timber slats with a powdercoated frame or the frame and sides can be entirely powdercoated or a laser cut stainless steel design, depending on the style that will best suit your facility. In addition to this, the top can either be powdercoated or stainless steel. Many customisations to the bin can also be made, with laser cut logo designs on the door, or different recycling and waste slots for easy identification of the different waste streams and easy waste separation.

Whilst they have a stylish design, they also draw the attention of walkers by to a waste disposal unit they can use to dispose of their rubbish effectively.

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