Tactile Pads


This new seamless design - 300 x 600mm has less joins, ensuring minimised dirt and moisture ingress. Manufactured from polymeric materials which will not craze, bloom or discolour. This design contours to almost any surface, providing simple and effective installation. Once bonded with the substrate, this dimensionally stable tactile pad will stay in place, and is tested in Australia to withstand extreme conditions.

Designed to meet all Australian and NZ standards AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009

Stock Colours: Yellow, Black

Size: 600 x 300mm

Two part tactile epoxy is also available - an ideal solution for applying pads to concrete, asphalt, timber, ceramic tiles, steel etc.


2kg epoxy: 10-15 Tactile Pads (300x600mm)

5kg epoxy: 25-35 Tactile Pads (300x600mm)

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