Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops - Black & Blue Accessible Parking


Heavy Duty Recycled Rubber Wheel Stops are now available in black and blue - where you want your disabled access parking spaces to be colour coded, these wheel stops help to highlight the blue theme so there is no mistaking that this spot is not for general use. Manufactured from tough recycled rubber and easy to install with your choice of fastener kits. Wheel Stops can also be placed using adhesive for added strength.

The recycled rubber wheel stop complies with Australian Standard 2890.1-2004

Fasteners are sold in sets of 3 - one set needed per wheel stop.

Concrete wheels stops are also available.

Available for delivery Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Wheel Stops FAQ - Rubber vs Concrete vs Plastic

Can I avoid the cost of scanning my concrete slab?

Correct Positioning of Wheel Stops

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