The Basics for Boom Gates

The Automatic Boom Gate is a European made hydraulically operated roadway barrier used to control vehicular access. While boom gates are a technical product in themselves, there are some fundamental basics that need to be considered before quoting or ordering. If you are considering the purchase of a new boom gate, a list of things to consider are as follows:

  1. What quantity of boom gates do you need?
  2. Photos – Please send us photos of the location for the boom gate.
  3. Is there 240V power supply directly to the location? (client’s responsibility).
  4. Is there a concrete pad to place the boom gate on? (client’s responsibility).
  5. Does the boom need to be articulated (low clearance)?
  6. Is the boom length to be 3.2m, 4.2m, 6.4m?
  7. Need a free-standing forked receiver post? (this blocks the driveway across the full width). OR..
  8. Need an attached folding support leg? (this allows you to leave a gap beyond the boom for pedestrian and bicycles to pass).
  9. Main post finish to be hi-vis red/orange (RAL2002) OR..
  10. Main post to be 304 grade stainless steel?
  11. Any other optional extras? E.g. boom fitted LEDs, flashing hazard light, suspended boom fence?
  12. What access method do you need? Key pad/ swipe card/ remote/ switch/ smartphone.
  13. Sensor pad auto exit method? (in ground induction loop).
  14. Supply only (Australia Wide). OR.. Supply and install (Sydney only)?
  15. When do you want it done?

Area Safe also supplies other access control products including manual swing gates, height restriction bars, automatic retractable bollards and removable bollards.

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